About us

We are a Mexican Technology Company with more than 11 years of experience in manufacturing, consulting, selling and installing top quality and internationally certified solar energy panels.

Saya Energy was founded in 2006. The Headquarters are located in the beautiful center of México in the state of Aguascalientes. Headquarters facilites include the manufacturing of Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Bifacial solar panels at various Watts ratings. Our Quality Assurance process ensures that our solar panels are warrantied for long lasting efficiency and performance as well as being able to be internationally certified by various international organizations.

Saya Energy, Solar Panel Manufacturer
Solar panel assured quality by Saya Energy

100% Solar Energy in Manufacturing Facilities!

The ultimate solar panel quality test. Our manufacturing facilities uses 100% solar energy from our own solar panels. We energize production areas, administrative offices and we produce more than 96W of clean energy.


Energizing the world with Solar Energy

Be world leaders in the manufacturing, distribution, promotion and production of clean energy by actively contributing to social welfare and sustainable development always committed to high quality standards of our products and fulfill our customers expectations.


Position SAYA ENERGY leadership as the world’s best solar energy company recognized by it’s high quality standards, technological edge, excellent customer service, competitiveness, financial strength and it’s high promotion of the use of new energy sources.


  • Innovation in our products.
  • Quality on what we do.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Honesty in our business.
  • Passion for customer service.
  • Leadership on our day to day.
  • Respect for the environment.