Solar panel 370W polycrystalline glass glass

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  • SAYA Solar Panel Polycrystalline 370W. High efficiency up to 19.7%.
    • Cost-effective standard solar module for skylight, roofing and architectonic applications
    • Positive tolerance up to 5%
    • Anti-reflective highly-transparent, low iron, antimony free glass
    • Full tempered glass warranty.
    • Up to 1,000 VDC system
    • 35 Years linear warranty
    • 12 Years warranty

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High quality solar panel. Manufacture with the finest materials. Just to mention some of futures of SAYA solar panels:

  • Long conector cable up to 1.10 mts (3.61 feet) long in order to reduce cable installation time, you can have positive ad negative at the same point of  the hole string.
  • Full tempered resistance solar glass warranty, 50% better performance after 25 years.
  • 30Amps diodes 100% more capacity to prevent heating from electronic elements to the solar panel.
  • LRC (Light reflective conductor) increase the capacity of solar panel in 4%.

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